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Midan City


Best of Global Vacation Spot

The beauty of a city as a gift by heaven

Blue Sky and Ocean! Clear clean air! General recreational convention town

Youngjong-do, the hub of Northeast Asia, is considered the gateway to the Republic of Korea, where Midan City is located. Midan City provides the world's most unforgettable pleasures, fantasy, and comfort and memories.


Midan City Goodmoll

POSCO E&C will establish a global composite tourism town that combines Asia and Korea's first large multiplex Mall, medical + shopping + culture + housing + tourism.
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Midan Park

Inside Midan City, you can enjoy the richness of nature with walking trails around the oak ecological forest, including an ecological park and a neighborhood park.
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R&F+Scissors(LOCZ) Composite resort

6 live entertainment facilities including 3 hotels with 760 rooms, casinos exclusive for foreigners, and a performance area of 400 or more seats. Various entertainment facilities will include a variety of restaurants, bar and club facilities, luxury retail store and spa settings.
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International School for Foreigners

It plans to build an international school for 12 years of high school with a size of 59,900 ㎡, raising the size of a kindergarten, dog and dog breeds.
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Composite resort

We plan to create a composite resort that will provide the most sophisticated lifestyle and relaxation for our domestic and international tourists.
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Mega Shopping Entertainment Complex

In Midan City, shopping malls, hotels, and restaurant food worlds with an area size of 185,296 ㎡ are planned.
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International Health Care Center

POSCO E&C will establish an international health care center on 9290 ㎡, which will provide customized stem cell treatment, brain treatment, and preventive
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Smart-Services in Midan City

미단시티 Smart-서비스

Major projects

주요 사업
IFEZ Smart City
175, Art center-daero(Songdo-dong), Yeonsu-gu, Incheon, Korea 22004 TEL 82-32-453-7114
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