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What is IFEZ?

Introducing the IFEZ, a new paradigm for global cities

In 2003, the IFEZ took its first step to become the business hub of Northeast Asia

The IEFZ was designated as Korea’s first free economic zone in 2003 with the intent of responding to competitive business environments of Northeast Asia and discovering the future growth engines for Korea.
The IEFZ offers venues for logistics, high-tech industries, medical services, education, leisure activities and shopping.

The IFEZ has become a hub for international businesses

It’s been 11 years since the IFEZ’s establishment. Since the designation,
the IFEZ’s challenging spirit has never faltered even in the midst of global economic recession, eventually becoming a global district that attracts international businesses.

Original and future-oriented

Consisted of Songdo, Cheongna and the island of Yeongjong, the IFEZ pursues an unprecedented growth model that has not been tried
in any other economic zones in the world.

A venue where international businesses blossom

Korea’s Creative Economy starts from the IFEZ.
By attracting international organizations and multinational companies, the IFEZ is solidifying its status as one of the most attractive venues for global businesses.

Affluence and high quality of life

The IFEZ offers a pleasant and convenient living environment and ensures high quality of life. The habitants can enjoy a wide spectrum
of cultural and leisure activities any time.

IFEZ Smart City
175, Art center-daero(Songdo-dong), Yeonsu-gu, Incheon, Korea 22004 TEL 82-32-453-7114
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